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Project Description
Computer Mayhem is a growing collection of computer related add-ons for Mayhem.

It currently consists of the following events:

  • Clock: Trig a reaction at a specific time.
  • Network Name: Trig a reaction when connecting to a specific network name.
  • Unread email count: Trig a reaction when a particular email inbox reach a specific amount of unread emails.
  • Battery Level: Trig a reaction when the falls below or exceed a specific battery life percentage.
  • Power Source: Trig a reaction when the computer is connected to AC, battery or UPS.

Examples of use:

  • Notify you when the number of unread emails reaches ten.
  • Start a CPU-intense process when the computer is attached to AC.
  • Start all your programs at work when the computer is connected to the work network.

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